Managing compliance checks

Process for Validating Documentation

We operate a standard process for validating all documentation provided to support vetting and checking as follows. We will check that all documentation:

  • Relates directly to the candidate (i.e. photographs are clear and look like the applicant and dates of birth are consistent across all documentation). If two documents are provided that give different names, supporting documents showing why they are different are also provided (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree etc).
  • Is relevant to the check being carried out.
  • Is in date and has not expired.
  • Appears to be an original.
  • Has not been tampered with.

Documentation will not be checked in isolation - each document will be cross referenced with other data supplied as part of the recruitment process and if it doesn’t match, further evidence will be requested until we are fully satisfied.

All checks are done pre-placement and only ever by face-to-face verification of original documentation. Processes are fully auditable for each client via our IT systems, which date and timestamp all activity ensuring all compliance checks relating to the contract and legislation are completed as specified below. Prior to assignment, candidates will be made aware of all policies, procedures and guidance for safer working / safeguarding, including health and safety policies, safer working practices (e.g. provision and wearing of PPE etc).

Process / Policy Review & Updates

Candidate documentation is reviewed and where appropriate updated at least annually (or prior to expiry or in light of changes to legislation/regulation, whichever is sooner). Our RCO and IT systems flag upcoming expiry and review dates at least 3 months in advance. This allows us to contact the candidate and conduct new checks / review and verify relevant document (e.g. insurance certificates, professional registrations, qualifications with expiry dates, DBS checks, and eligibility to work in the UK documentation etc). This process ensures continuity of service provision whilst allowing time for the candidate to furnish us with updated documentation as required.

Checks Conducted

As a minimum we will conduct the following checks:

  • Identity and Address
  • Right to Work
  • Employment History
  • Referencing
  • Professional Registration & Qualifications
  • Criminal Record & Barring
  • Work Health Assessments
  • English Language Competence
  • Statutory & Mandatory and Core/Clinical Training
  • Appraisal & Revalidation
  • Incorporated Candidates & NI

Each of these will be carried out in line with documented procedures and by trained staff.